About us



We choose the Spanish word “Espanglish” because language matters to us. The term is normally used to embrace the way some Hispanic groups tend to communicate using words and idioms from Spanish and English. Our aim is to raise bilingual children, who use correctly the grammar and vocabulary.
ESPANGLISH: A hybrid language combining words and idioms from both Spanish and English.

Why languages?

Language activities will challenge the campers’ ability to recognize, remember and understand words. They also exercise fluency, grammatical skills, and vocabulary in Spanish and English. By practicing languages and word games daily, they will expand their knowledge of new words and much more easily retrieve words that are familiar.

Why Smart Games?

Learning smart games through board games at an early stage in life helps students to concentrate and pay attention in class.  Knowing how to play stimulates student’s self-confidence, which is an essential requirement for effective learning. Reasoning skill is increased, as well as the ability to solve abstract problems and anticipating conflictive situations, developing their hypothetical thinking to a maximum.

Why art?

Art is a way to express yourself. The goal is to teach how to use the arts to creatively express feelings through colors, lines, drawings, or sculptures.

Why exercise?

Body & mind are connected when exercising. Even light to moderate exercise activates neurons that coordinate muscle contractions, vision, balance, organ function and all of the complex interactions of bodily systems.


In September 2004, Mercedes Moresco founded Educando a America  in an effort to provide a Spanish language program for the Hispanic community. Nowadays the program has grown and it is offered in several Elementary Broward County Schools as an Enrichment After school program.

Mrs Moresco obtained her BA in World Literature at UCA in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Also, a Master Degree inLinguistic in teaching Spanish as a second Language by Universidad de Jaén.

As a writer, Moresco published a literature essay about Julio Cortázar poetry works in 2014, “La distancia próxima”.


Economist. MBA Marketing. University professor.
Being a father he discovered his passion for teaching children.
After ten years studying the chess program ,and seeing how important it is in the development of the children, he decided to start the program in the US. ChessArt started in 2005 and now has more than 50 students.